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Seiten Taisei

Seiten Tensei vol.01 cover

Seiten Taisei is a manga by Aihara Miki. It appeared in the monthly magazine Betsucomi (Bessatsu Shoujo-Comic) and fills 6 tankoubon or collected volumes.
The cover of that first volume is the image you can see at the right, the full-sized image is in the image gallery ^^

The story evolves around Doumoto Ako, one of her sensei (professor) Katayose Akihito, and their friends--all in basket-ball clubs. But, as it's usual with Aihara, there are two other possible candidates for Ako's heart: Taiji Satou and Okino.

Follow the links below to access more information about the series, but beware, spoilers ahead! ^^

NEWS: Volume 6 (and final) of Seiten Taisei is on sale!

ISBN Information:

These numbers come in handy when ordering the collected volumes or tankoubon from your local Japanese bookstore :)

Vol.1: ISBN4-09-136093-9 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.2: ISBN4-09-136094-7 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.3: ISBN4-09-136095-5 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.4: ISBN4-09-136389-X (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.5: ISBN4-09-136395-4 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.6: ISBN4-09-136396-2 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]

All images © Aihara Miki, Shogakukan

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