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Chotto otogibanashi
Chotto otogibanashi

This tankoubon is subtitled Ikeno Koi short story collection vol.1 and is, indeed, that ^^
This volume was published in 1980 and compiles 5 unconnected short stories:
Chotto otogibanashi. Akane is an average teenager (the one in the cover of the tankoubon ;) that one night is visited by a devil. But not to worry Akane-chan, because to save her from the devil's evil hands an angel appears! Both angel and evil seem to be old "friends" and fight between each other. However, the devil is not all that evil and soon he and Akane have started a friendship that develops into something more....

Happy End Monogatari. A really cool looking guy seems to be having a really bad time as a really average looking, ugly girl has fallen in love with him and is quite... em... persistent (^^;; ). He is tricked by her parents and starts pitying her. Between some things and others the two of them end up being married and then he discovers that....

The other three stories continue with the light-hearted romantic comedy mood of the whole volume and are quite fun to read. Because of the "age" of the stories, the art is not too developed, so if you don't like old-style art, better read another of Ikeno-sensei stories. But if you like Ikeno Koi or if you don't mind the art as long as it's a good read, then go ahead and try getting this manga! ^^

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All comments and suggestions are welcome ^^ (And please, don't use anything from these pages without my permission :)

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