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Me-chan kokyushitsu
Me-chan kokyushitsu

This tankoubon contains the story of the same title. Kajima is a 16 years old student whose older sister, Miyako, is the center of the attentions of one of Kajima's teachers, Utsunomiya. However, even though Miyako looks like an angel, she is in reality quite a bit of a brute... ^^;;; Kajima's classmate and best friend, Chiba and Kajima's grandmother only contribute to the fun! ^_^

This is a very light-hearted comedy in Ikeno-sensei's best humorous style. The art, however, may put off to those that don't like the "old school" of shoujo artstyle as it is one of Ikeno's first works and you can see it ;) (it's from 1982). If you are a fan of hers, do try to find this little volume, as the art is not that horrible and you'll spend quite a funny time reading it!

(Click on the icon of the cover on the right to see the big version)
ISBN 4-08-853231-7 (359Yen + tax) (Probably Out Of Print)

All comments and suggestions are welcome ^^ (And please, don't use anything from these pages without my permission :)

All images © Ikeno Koi

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