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Main Page

Skip Beat!
Go! Go! Kyouko!

Skip Beat! is NAKAMURA Yoshiki's current manga serial and started its run in issue #3'2002 of the shoujo manga magazine Hana to Yume (Hakusensha). Though NAKAMURA is well known for her previous series, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, which was set in a future Tokyo and full of drama and action with some comedy, Skip Beat! seems to aim for more comedy and drama and less action. Hopefully, it will deliver plenty! ;)

Unlike other heroines in the same situation, Kyouko doesn't shed many tears when she discovers that her adored Shou (idol to boot) thinks her a poor lame looser, and instead her true character is awaken! Kyouko will no more be the innocent and piling girl she used to be, revenge is there waiting for her! *evil maniac laugh*

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Skip Beat! seventh tankoubon will go on sale on July 16th. ^^

ISBN Information:

These numbers come in handy when ordering the collected volumes or tankoubon from your local Japanese bookstore or through the internet :)

Vol.1: ISBN4-592-17821-1 (390yen w/o tax) [07.2002] [cover]
Vol.2: ISBN4-592-17822-X (390yen w/o tax) [11.2002] [cover]
Vol.3: ISBN4-592-17823-8 (390yen w/o tax) [03.2003] [cover]
Vol.4: ISBN4-592-17824-6 (390yen w/o tax) [07.2003] [cover]
Vol.5: ISBN4-592-17825-4 (390yen w/o tax) [10.2003] [cover]
Vol.6: ISBN4-592-17826-2 (390yen w/o tax) [02.2004] [cover]
Vol.7: ISBN4-592-17827-0 (390yen w/o tax) [07.2004] [cover]
[ ongoing ]

All images © NAKAMURA Yoshiki, Hakusensha (except backgrounds).

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