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Ichigo Channel

Ichigo Channel started its publication in the 2001 11th issue of the shoujo manga magazine Margaret (from Shueisha) and finished in issue #14 of 2003, comprising 7 tankoubon in total.

As with Tajima's other manga, this one centers on average girl Ichiko, and how a chance encounter with a stranger sends her headfirst into her new career... as an idol boy!? (every shoujo mangaka has to try this plot device at least once... ^^;;; )
Cute girls, cool boys, good entertaiment so far! ^_-

Ichigo Channel finished in
#14 of Margaret!

Tajima Mimi's new series started in
Margaret #19 (on sale 05.sep.03)

The seventh volume of Ichigo Channel
went on sale on December 25th!

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(Contains spoilers for the first two volumes)
Kanzaki + Ichigo + Sousuke
Ichiko an average young girl whose younger brother is obsessed with becoming an idol. It's because of this that she accepts the weirdest offer ever: She and her brother are picked up to form a new boys idol group along with another young star! Trick is, of course, she now has to pass as a boy.

Ichigo is not very sure where all this is going, but the group will exist for just a year, so she figures it can't be that bad (famous last words). Unfortunately, the third member, a young boy of Ichiko's age called Tooru Kanzaki, doesn't seem specially friendly towards her male persona, now called Ichigou.
During a break, Ichiko decides to take a walk using a wig and happens to bump into Kanzaki himself! She introduces herself as Ichigo and romance floats in the air. After this meeting, her Ichigou persona becomes better and she also starts meeting Kanzaki on the side as Ichigo.

Kanzaki + Ichiko
But this is not all comedy, and the drama starts when things start to take a turn for the worst. Ichiko's classmates decide to abuse her because she rather go with boys than with them and a long-buried problem between she and her mother surfaces. Poor Ichiko ends up having to take housing in her producer's appartment!
Soon the problems start solving themselves and eventually life becomes easier for Ichiko until she discovers that Kanzaki... has a girlfriend?!?!

This manga is an excellent mix of romance, comedy and drama. Ichiko takes life in strides and while some things seem to be too much, she learns that one's life is what one makes out of it, and that she must make her own decisions and take control of it, for better or worse. And after all, her story has just started!


ISBN Information:

These numbers come in handy when ordering the collected volumes or tankoubon from your local Japanese bookstore or through the internet :)

Vol.1: ISBN4-08-847439-2 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.2: ISBN4-08-847480-5 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.3: ISBN4-08-847525-9 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.4: ISBN4-08-847578-X (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.5: ISBN4-08-847619-0 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.6: ISBN4-08-847655-7 (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
Vol.7: ISBN4-08-847693-X (390yen w/o tax) [cover]
[7 volumes total]

All images © Tajima Mimi, Shueisha (except backgrounds).

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